Kinda urked that they put me in an academic intensive dorms for upperclassmen and transfers only to have a couple of freshmen blasting music and being loud as fuck

What part of headphones only do you not get


i may feel like shit but i am very very cute






Follow Your Dreams!

That took a direction I did not expect.

That was the best direction that could have taken

I don’t know what I expected.

I fucking love this website


I’m trying to figure out why Kpop fans talk so much shit about American rappers aka black rappers but when YG artists do the exact same thing it’s swag and cool.

And I’m like if Black rappers hadn’t created Hip-hop and the style the comes with it, none of your precious unnies ad oppas would know anything about it.




do you ever just passionately miss the first series of doctor who but not just because you miss Nine but because you miss the monsters and the simple story lines that were new and so interesting and the companions that didn’t need a magic back story to be special and weren’t just a new puzzle for the doctor to solve they were just ordinary people with ordinary lives and taught (especially the young viewers) that anyone can be a hero i just really miss season one okay



"We don’t like pictures like this. It is not good to deduce an entire country to the image of a person reaching out for food. It is not good for people to see us like this, and it is not good for us to see ourselves like this. This gives us no dignity. We don’t want to be shown as a country of people waiting for someone to bring us food. Congo has an incredible amount of farmland. An incredible amount of resources. Yes, we have a lot of problems. But food is not what we are reaching for. We need investment. We need the means to develop ourselves." 

(Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo)



My respect level for T-Pain is out the roof right now.


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Anonymous whispered:
Pacifica Northwest kind of feels like the result of a terrible lab experiment involving Rhonda Wellington Lloyd, Helga Pataki, and 17 cans of hairspray


nooooooo beloved insane angry unibrowed helga pataki must not be associated with pacifica northwest under any circumstancesnooo

Ghostbusters (1984)

The Selfie (x)

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I thought i was in an all girls flat??

I laugh whenever guys think that strippers are weak


in an ideal world, marvel and dc would be smart and agree that each other’s characters can be mentioned in a ‘fictional’ context. imagine:
both of them would get free publicity, and we’d get peter parker reading teen titans comics, the batkids fighting to get to the newest ms marvel issue, steve rogers talking about what a great role model superman is for kids, bruce wayne grumbling that ‘if iron man was real i could totally kick his ass, selina’. i mean, i m a g i n e 




DC is being all gritty and “realistic” and Marvel just had a movie where the galaxy is saved by a dance-off and the power of friendship

and yet neither will produce a movie with a woman as the main character

and dc is planning on making two movies with men of color in the lead role so